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Au-lite Lighting Inc. was established since 1984 and has been engaged in manufacturing auto bulbs of various different models. It is a specialized auto bulbs firm with ISO 9001 Certification and supplies "ROHS" qualified bulbs. Many of our products have won E-Mark and DOT certification. Our sales channel includes Taiwan, Europe, Russia, Africa, South-East Asia, Japan, Australia, USA and Central and South America.

Mr. Eric C Chen, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Au-lite Lighting Inc. believes that products quality and reliability are the core competitiveness of the company and is the foundation of sustained operation. With such belief and insistence, the company has won long term and firm support from large number of customers. In market development, the company has accumulated enormous experience, as we are not only equipped, with specialized marketing personnel and sophisticated systems, we have strong R&D as well as QC background that enable us to place our products to the most competitive international market and established a firm stand.

We are proud of our quality, but we are not satisfied yet. In the future, further quality enhancements, and zero-complaint from customers are still what we are still what we are endeavoring for. Our vision is to be the market guidepost of auto-lighting. Your niche is thoroughly guarded by Au-lite Lighting Inc.